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La Familia de Ruiz: Our History






Robert Ruiz, Sr.

Robert Ruiz, Sr.

In the early 1970's, Robert Ruiz, Sr. was one of the first Mexican Americans to open a thriving business in South Texas. He became well known and respected as a top grower and shipper of fresh produce.

At the age of five Robert's son, Richard, went door to door selling watermelons that his father brought home from the fields. His mother Lucia, however, asked him to return the money and leave a watermelon at each neighbor's door as a gift. Richard did what he was told but his entrepreneurial spirit could not be deterred.

At the young age of eleven, Richard became a licensed dealer at the Dallas Farmers Market and along with his cousins, sold Texas bulk cantaloupes. In his spare time he loaded trucks and helped in the fields. Following in the footsteps of his father, Richard Ruiz would do whatever it took to get the job done.

Robert and Lucia Ruiz
Robert Sr. and Lucia Ruiz


Robert Sr, honored to serve >


Richard Ruiz

Richard passing on tradition to daughter Lori Anne, future director of Operations and Sales.

Richard and Laura Ruiz

Richard & Laura Ruiz

In 1991, after many years in the produce industry, Richard set out to open his own business. His wife Laura became accounts manager and a few years later their eldest daughter, Lori Anne, became Director of Operations and Sales.

In 2007, Saul Salinas joined the RUIZ SALES team as Quality Assurance Director. This dedicated team strives daily to meet the highest standards in quality and service, serving leading grocery store chains throughout the United States.


The Ruiz Sales Team

Richard Ruiz,

Lori Anne Ruiz Nisimblat,
Operations & Sales

Laura Ruiz,
Accounts Management

For Ruiz Sales, it is not only about shipping and distributing produce, it is about following
five key principles: Integrity, Superior Quality, Respect, Innovation and most importantly, Team work. This "can do" spirit is the secret behind our success.

Through hard work and determination, Ruiz Sales has earned such prestigious awards as the Blue Book Trading Member award and Red Book award. Ruiz Sales has also been featured in The Packer for setting the highest standards in the produce business as well as for being one of the first companies to own and operate their own automated lime labeling system which proudly identifies each lime with their signature brand, Fresh Health™.

Our goal is to market produce and expand in innovative ways, such as specialty packs and on-demand private labeling. We are developing new ways to set higher standards on deliveries and to expand distribution of our products. We are one of the leading Hispanic companies in the United States and are proud of our heritage. We remain firm in our belief that hard work is the key to success.

Ruiz Sales proudly attributes their accomplishments and blessings to the Lord Jesus Christ.


Please contact us and let us know how we may serve you.


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