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Did you know...

33% of customers purchased limes within the last 12 months.

47% of customers who purchased limes were Hispanic.

76% of customers who puchased limes were college educated. 17% were only high school graduates.

Key limes are smaller than Persian limes, are aromatic and very juicy. They have a stronger, more complex acidic flavor than Persian limes so make a great pie.

Persian Limes are easier to grow, easier to pick because the trees have no thorns, and due to the much thicker skin, are easier and more economical to ship. Limes have gone the way of the tomato in that, for economical reasons, the more flavorful Key Lime has taken a back seat to the Persian Lime. But real lime connoisseurs and Key Lime Pie fans still adore the small and humble-looking Key.


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