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Believe it or not, limes are packed in a variety of styles, which affects how you see them in the stores, the prices you pay at the checkout, and what is available for you to buy. A good "Lime Pack" is not just about the materials used in packaging or the name that is on the box, but also about the overall quality of what you are purchasing. Lime packing is much more than just materials; it may be the most important factor in what is available at the stores, and the difference between a great, quality product, or a ugly, inferior one

2LB Persian Lime Bags in RPC'sNot all Packs are created equal!
Believe it or not, the lime pack may be the most important part in getting high quality limes to the supermarket. This is where many lime suppliers fail to meet the needs of the market. While it is true that good produce begins at the farm where it is grown, before the fruit gets to the store, it first must be "packed" into a container. A container can be anything, from a display box, a reusable plastic container (RPC), or even a bag.

This step is the most important part of the process, because what gets sent to the stores in these containers depends on how well the fruit has been packed. A weak, sloppy pack will mean that the limes in these containers will be lower quality, which means that you, the consumer, have a worse selection and you have to pay for something that may not be very good. Even worse, when you get home, a bad pack will mean that you'll have to throw some of the fruit away, costing you even more money.

Ruiz Sales doesn't play with a weak sloppy pack, because we believe that providing the best, highest quality fruit will give the customer the best value for their money. Our Fresh Health™ label ensures that each and every pack is not only done with the utmost care and attention, but using only the highest quality fruit from the farms. This means that when you buy a Fresh Health™ lime from Ruiz Sales, regardless of container, you can be sure that you'll be able to use all of the fruit, not just part of it.

Furthermore, all of our fruit is available in a "sticker" pack, which puts an item-level trace-ability sticker in over 99% of our fruit. This gives you peace of mind, because you can be sure that each and every lime can be traced back down the supply-line and to its source, so it removes the uncertainty of eating unsafe foods.

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